Mission Road Ministries

Independent Living Apartments with Supportive Services for the Developmentally Disabled

Sponsored by Mission Road Ministries and Mission Road Developmental Center, this HUD subsidized apartment program is designed exclusively for developmentally disabled persons who wish to live independently. This program includes supportive services to assist the resident in living independently.

Program Goals

The program goals are designed to provide developmentally disabled persons with an opportunity to:
  • further enhance their existing independent living skills through refinement training;
  • make independent choices regarding the quality of their lives and to mature from these experiences;
  • develop their decision-making skills and take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of their decisions;
  • to live as independently as possible in a supportive and affordable housing alternative to institutionalization; and,
  • to develop sufficient judgment resources, and maturity in order to move to a totally independent environment if they choose.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A person with a developmental disability
  2. Must be very low-income
  3. Must not be under guardianship
  4. Independent in:
    • Self-care
    • Self-medication
    • Self-evacuation in emergencies
  5. Minimal assistance required in:
    • Home safety
    • Kitchen/household management
    • Clothing maintenance
    • Community mobility
  6. Active employment or participation required in:
    • Competitive employment
    • Sheltered employment
    • Vocational training
    • Day activity center

Supportive Services

  • Individual Program Plan upon admission, annually, and as needed;
  • Supervision of banking, budgeting, and shopping to the extent necessary for each tenant;
  • Refinement training in daily living skill's areas such as, cooking, banking, budgeting, social, and recreational activities, on a weekly basis;
  • In-service training on specific issues related to safety, security, sanitation, health, and general welfare;
  • Transportation for employment or recreational activities when public transportation is not available; and,
  • On-site manager and weekend relief staff.

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